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Feb. 29th, 2016 08:48 pm
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Who: Xanxus and Integra
What: Porn with minimal plot if we're being totally honest. Or i could write a novel jfc

Playing games of power is not something new to Sir Hellsing, but fighting fire with fire is much easier than the game of chess subtle politics are fond of. They are tiresome, intricately woven and the fact they expect her to play simply because it is on an international stage pisses her off. Section XIII, the ICJ and other organizations have not earned such delicate plays from her the way the Round Table has. Especially not with the slew of accusations and even a few assassination attempts thrown into the mix as the trial for the Vatican's war crimes grow ever closer. The latter do not come to her as a suprise as one of the few living witnesses from the day of the Zeppelin Incident and a declared mortal enemyof the Catholic Church.

So Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing -The King, Queen, and Knight on the chessboard- Skips the use of pawns completely. She has never had any need for them when it comes to dealing with such opponents and now will not be the start of such. Several years ago it had been Alucard who she had brought as her trump card to the field; This time, in a setting that was only slightly less annoying but considered much more civilized, she brings not a vampire, but another who's presence demands recognition alone.

It was a little underhanded bringing Xanxus into this, but Integra is well aware of the Hellsing Organization's disadvantages. With the determination to overcome all obstacles she will always do what must be done. The Varia has worked for her for many years now and perhaps some of their ways have rubbed off on her. She is only human after all, and like all others changes with the world around her and adapts to the hand dealt to her. Yet at her core Integra will always be the same; Never giving up, always pushing forward.

If it would not be crass of her to gloat however, she would have. Instead Integra deals with representatives and politicians and lawyers-Some of which are very suprised to see her still breathing- With cold and calculating efficency and the well known Assassin at her side. It mattered little that she was so far from home and in enemy territory, her will has always been overpowering and those in her way have no choice but to be confronted by it or submit to it. Rome is not her home but she is no simple guest; Sir Hellsing is a force to be reckoned with.

Once they are done Integra does allows a smirk of a smile to curl onto the corner of her mouth, reaching for her cigar tin for the much needed relief of her rather expensive cigars. "That should hold them for a little while longer." She says to Xanxus, finally finished with these fools and much more importantly soon to head back home. They will not be held off for too long however, the Vatican was getting more desperate by the day.


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